Applying for a PNG Passport?

Where To Apply:

Applicants in Port Moresby should lodge their application for a PNG Passport at ICA’s head office, Central Government Office, Waigani.

Applicants outside Port Moresby should send postal applications to:

PNG Passports Branch
P.O. Box 1790

Note: A separate application must be completed by each person.

Our Fees:

The fee for a Passport is K100. This must be paid at your nearest cash office and a receipt there of must be attached to your application. Please note that additional fees apply for fast processin, or re-issue of lost, stolen or damaged passports. The full list of applicable fees may be found here.

Collection of Passport:

Agents may not collect Passports on behalf of clients. Your Passport will be forwarded by registered post unless you elect to collect it personally.

Change Of Name:

If you have changed your name, provide detials of all previous names used.

Previous Travel Documents:

You must attach your previous travel documents (Passport) unless it has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Evidence Of Citizenship:

Your application should be accompanied by evidence of your citizenship. Attachment ‘A’ on page 4 of the “Application for a PNG Passport” should be completed in this respect. Your birth certificate of Citizenship Certificate, and in the case of married women, your marriage certificate, should be submitted.

Certificate Regarding Applicant:

The certificate on page 3 of the “Application for a PNG Passport” in respect of every application must be completed.